7301 Parker School Road
Jacksonville, FL 32211-5198
(904) 720-1650

UNIT GOALS FOR 2016-2017

 - Distinguished Cadets With Honors

- 85% of Participation In All Unit Events

- E.O.Y Must Be Updated Throughout The Year

- 250 Or More Points On The E.O.Y Report

- 50% A/B Honor Roll

- Maintain Battalion Strength

- All Team Commanders Must Have A Set Plan For Every Practice

- All Team Commanders Must Aim To Achieve Unit Goals

- Top 2 In All Competitive Events

- All Seniors Must Have A Plan For Their Future

- All Juniors Signed Up For The SAT/ACT Online Website

- Exemplary Communication Throughout The Unit

- Company Staff Must Have A Set Goal To Lead Their Cadets To Success

-  Have All Dues Paid By The End Of The 1st Quarter

- Have  A Cadet Social Event Every Other Month To Ensure Unity Within Our Unit

- Have A Unit Clean Up At The Of Every Month

- All Paperwork Must Be Turned In On Time

- Perfect Attendance For All Practices

- 60% Pass The Physical Fitness Test

- Majority Of Drill Team Attends All Fundraising Functions

- Stronger Petty Officer Core

- 5 Seniors Earn A Scholarship

- All NS-1s Understand How To Wear The Uniform Properly

- Qualify For Brain Brawl Championships

- Place 1st or 2nd In Brain Brawl Championship

- Qualify For Brain Brawl Nationals

- Place 1st Or 2nd In Brain Brawl Nationals

- Qualify For Navy NJROTC Nationals

- Place 1st Or 2nd In Navy NJROTC Nationals