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Are You Brave Enough To Be The Best?

Family and friends of Terry Parker High School NJROTC, we graciously THANK YOU for your wonderful support and encouragement over the past years. Our program is now in stage of growth and rebuilding following the few years of COVID. As we move forward we are excited about all of the new opportunities and challenges that will make Terry Parker NJROTC a success and a force to reckoned with. 

There are many opportunities for Cadets and parents to participate in and help support the Unit.

  • Teams: Drill Teams, Color Guard Team, Brain Brawl Team, Orienteering Team, Air Rifle Team, Drone Team, and Athletics Team
  • Competitions Hosted at Terry Parker: Pentathlon, Drill Meet, and Brain Brawl Meet
  • Community Service/Volunteer Hours: Parking for Jaguars games, Spartan Run, TPC and many more.

We will continue to focus on Leadership, Academics, Scholarships, and Discipline.  All Cadets and Instructors are expected to set the highest example throughout the school and wherever we go.

As things open up again we are looking at opportunities and locations to go and several field trips and college tours to allow cadets to see some of the things we learn in class first hand.  

Once again, we thank you for supporting us at competitions, on field trips, while performing community service, and by attending Cadet Parent Organization (CPO) meetings.  You are the greatest group of parents that a NJROTC unit could ever have and we understand that your support required each of you to make personal sacrifices for us. For that, thank you so, SO much.  Please continue to spread the word about our amazing NJROTC program to others. Also we encourage you to invite parents, grandparents, or guardians to our monthly CPO meetings and other events.  The CPO typically meets on the first Monday of each month unless otherwise stated. We need YOUR help to make the difference between TPHS NJROTC being an average unit or a superior unit!

Braves Battalion Mission

The mission at Terry Parker High School Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is to empower cadets and encourage them to continue education, establish and achieve both personal and team goals, and to teach them how to become great American citizens.  Cadets are currently taught in four different classes and are coached on nine different teams participating in Academic, Drill, Orienteering, and Shoulder to Shoulder (Marksmanship) competitions.  This year we will continue to maintain Battalion strength, with over 150 cadets from the local area, ranging from 14 to 19 years of age.


In addition to traveling to numerous different competitions each year, our cadets visit military bases, ships, submarines, and aircraft squadrons.  Annually, TPHS NJROTC expects to perform 4,000 or more community service hours in Duval and Clay County with another 1200 hours of school service.  TPHS NJROTC supports events and groups such as Adopt-A-Road, The ALS Foundation, American Legion, JP Hall/Bikes for Tykes, Special Olympics, and many others.  Giving back is part of learning good citizenship.

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