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C/CDR Eliis Aunis - United States Navy ROTC at University of Florida.  Full Ride Scholarship valued at $180,000.  International Business major. Go Gators!!
C/CPO Elijah Clayton - Enlisting in United States Marine Corps.  Boot camp in Parris Island, SC.  College plans are in the future.
C/LT Daniel Cooper - United States Navy ROTC at Savannah State University.  Full Ride Scholarship valued at $180,000.  General Studies.
C/PO3 Jordan Hartsfield- Pending 4 yera college to North Georgia College. Considering enlisting in the US Marine Corps.
C/PO2 Brandon Johnston- Enlisting in the US Army.
C/LCDR Kayinamura Gracia-  Savannah State Univeristy.
C/CDR Ryan Mckee - Navy ROTC FSU/JU Full Ride Valued up to $180,000
C/LT Joel Zarbo - Navy ROTC JU Full Ride Valued up to $180,000
C/LCDR Christopher O'Connel - Navy ROTC JU Full Ride Valued up to $180,000
C/ENS Radovich Amor - Army ROTC Georgia Military College Full Ride Valued up to $150,000
C/MCPO Alan Schweitzer - Army ROTC Georgia Military College Full Ride Valued up to $150,000


Terry Parker NJROTC  

AREA 12 Manager’s "Unit Achievement" Award 2000 through 2006, 2016, 2019

DISTINGUISHED UNIT 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 


In 2006-2007, Terry Parker NJROTC earned the highest acclaim earning " Distinguished Unit" for the first time in 15-years of unit history.  During this time, Terry Parker ranked 4th of 54 units in AREA 12, which encompasses all of Georgia and the greater Jacksonville, FL area.  In 2008-2009, we were honored with our first "Distinguished Unit with Honors" title.


Our competitive Academic Team qualified for the AREA 12 Championship, placing 9th in 2005-2006 and winning the AREA 12 Academic Championship in 2006-2007.  We again qualified for the 2007-2008 Academic Championship, winning the Coffee County HS qualifying meet in Douglas, Georgia.  The team placed 2nd out of 20 teams in the Middleburg HS Meet.  At the 2007-2008 AREA 12 Championship, we placed 7th overall despite missing our Team Captain, who just before the competition, suffered a severe eye injury.  As questions were being read, we realized that they were compromised, giving us a huge advantage.  Immediately, our cadets did the right thing by alerting the moderator who used different questions.  Numerous instructors complimented us for our courage, integrity, and sportsmanship.  This is the Terry Parker way!

In 2006-2007 our Orienteering Team took first place on the yellow course at the AREA 12 Championships in Atlanta.  We took first overall at the 2007-2008 Brunswick meet and in March 2008 finished 5th on the Advanced course at the AREA 12 Championship in Pine Mountain, GA while it snowed!  We placed 6th overall, improving from 8th place at last year's championship and was the highest finishing Florida Unit.

Our Rifle team placed 1st at the 2007-2008 Nease Shoulder to Shoulder meet and qualifed for AREA 12 Championship for the first time in 5 years.  At the championship, we placed 11th of 54 units and were the top finishing Florida rifle team.

At the 2007-2008 Camden County Drill Meet, our Color Guard and Drill Team captured our first drill trophies since 2003.  We placed 5th and won 10 trophies, and beat teams quailifed for Navy Nationals in three events.  That same school year, our Athletic teams finished first at several meets.  Always a work in progress, we are constantly striving to improve ourselves and our unit.

On October 31st , 2009, we attended the Nease Sanctioned Drill Meet at Allen D. Nease HS, competing against 16 other highly competitive units in Area 12, placing in several events (in the order taking place at the meet) :

Academics - 9th place

Personnel Inspection - 4th place

Unarmed Basic Drill - 4th place

Armed Basic Drill - 2nd place

Team Push-ups - 5th place

8x220 relay race - 3rd place

16x100 relay race - 2nd place

Overall Athletics - 3rd place

Overall - 4th place

On October 17th, 2009, Terry Parker attended the ED White HS NS-1 Meet with 11 outstanding NJROTC units from Florida and Georgia.  The competition was extremely intense.  Under the super leadership and direction of Mgy Sgt Robinson and numerous upper classmen (to include C/LT E. Cooper, Unarmed Drill CDR, and C/LT M. Kendall, Armed Drill CDR), we where very well prepared and gave a solid account of ourselves with the following results:


Overall - 1st place

Unarmed Drill - 1st place

Armed Drill - 1st place (tied with Fleming Island)

Academic - 1st place

Circle Race - 1st place

Klackerboard - 1st place

Personnel Inspection - 2nd place

100-yard relay - 3rd place

Color Guard - 3rd place

Dizzy Izzy - 4th place

Obstacle Course - 5th place


Congratulations TP NJROTC NS-1 cadets!  You are the best.  TP NJROTC would like to thank all the participants, their instructors, the parents/spectators, senior cadets for their hard work and Ed White NJROTC for making this meet a huge success


 Nationals :

Wednesday April 6th Terry Parker's NROTC cadets left on a five-hour journey to Pensacola, Fl. On April 8th—April 9th, 2011 Cadets participated in a two day competition, that determined the best NJROTC  in the nation.

The night of their arrival, cadets were treated to a free meal that was quite spectacular at a gracious church, which was more than happy to serve our hungry cadets.  We can't thank you enough for your generosity and hospitality!

On April 8th, the first day of the competition, cadets participated in the Athletics and Personal Inspection events. That evening, the cadets enjoyed the tasty dinner buffet at Barn Hill diner near the hotel.

On April 9th, the cadets competed in the Armed Exhibition, Unarmed Exhibition, Armed Basic, Unarmed Basic, and Color Guard drill events, along with Academics.

On both days of the competition, cadets experienced life on base by eating several meals in the galley (chow hall), practicing routines on the drill fields, and seeing the inside of busy base buildings.  We finished in 17th place out of 25 units, but did earn first place in Unarmed Exhibition, a team led by Cadet Ladarrin Morris and formed by Cadet Marcus Bradford.



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