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Jacksonville, FL 32211-5198
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Ridgeview Orienteering Camp Packing List



____ Standard three ring binder

____ (2) Ball point pens

____ Watch

____ Whistle

____ Cell Phone (This is a important because we will be using a new app that will record and display how they ran the courses.)

____ Compass (Silva, Sunto, Brunton or other base plate compass) 

____ Camelback or a small backpack to carry 2 bottles of water.  It will be very hot and no cadet will be allowed to run without carrying a lot of water.

____ Long pants –YOU CAN NOT RUN IN SHORTS or you will cut up your legs.   Strongly recommend that you wear either camo pants, underarmer type leggings with shorts, or inexpensive lightweight unlined warm up pants from Walmart (jeans are very hot)                      

____ (2) shirts – Preferably long sleeved T-shirts

____ athletic socks (2 changes per day)

____ Undergarments

____ Bath towel

____ Running shoes (well broken in) sneakers are ok

____ (1) Pair of shower shoes (flip flops)

____ Toiletry kit (toothbrush, tooth paste, razor, shaving cream, soap, deodorant, etc.)

____ Rain Gear (or Rain jacket with hood) -- if it is raining we will still run

____ Sunscreen

____ Bug repellent with a lot of Deet – there are ticks out there.

____ Sleeping Bag or sheets, blankets, etc.)  You will be sleeping on an army type twin bed cot with mattress.

____ Flashlight



____ Pillow

____ Trail mix


- There will be a barracks and head inspection on Sunday before departure.  Keep everything clean!

- Notify your leader at the pre-meeting, if you have ever been dehydrated.  Cadets with asthma are not allow to attend!

- You will be in the field - keep alert at all times. Watch where you step, so you don’t sprain you ankle.

- You are a guest at Camp Blanding.   You will be expected to keep the facilities clean.  Do not litter.

- Stay in your designated area...never stray off to any other area on the base.  There are some sensitive areas that will cause security issues if you to approach them.

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