7301 Parker School Road
Jacksonville, FL 32211-5198
(904) 720-1650


Commanding Officer - C/CDR Dorshai Bolatiwa 

Executive Officer - C/LCDR Kristian Thomas

                                  Operations Officer - C/LT Kaniyia Mable

 Command Master Chief - C/MCPO Rebecca Mangum 




Operations Officer Assistant - C/ENS Dino Didovic

Supply Officer - C/LTJG Tashauna Durant 

Drill Master - C/ N/A           

Assistant Drill Master - C/CPO 

Special Services Officer -C/ N/A 

Assistant Special Services Officer - 

Personnel Officer -C/ENS N/A 

Personnel Assistant -

Community Service Officer - C/ENS N/A

Assistant Community Service Officer -

Training & Readiness Officer -  C/ENS Deonte Thomas 

Assistant Training & Readiness Officer - 

Ordnance Officer -  C/ENS N/A

Ordnance Assistant - Vacant 

Senior Watch Officer - Vacant 

1st Lieutenant - Vacant

Assistant 1st Lieutenant - Vacant

Admin Officer-  C/ENS Angelique Elliott

Admin Officer Assistant- Anisa Pierce

Public Affairs Officer - C/ENS Sierra Allen

Assistant Public Affairs Officer- C/ENS 




Company Commander - C/LT Azaria Primo 

Company  Executive Officer - C/LTJG Aundrey Mosely

Company Senior Chief- C/SCPO Titus Mcdonald

Company OPS -  C/ENS 

Company PERSO - C/Seaman Miller

 Company ADMIN- 

Company SSO- 

Company SUPPO - C/ENS Anthony Cooper

Company PAO - C/PO1 



 PC- C/ENS Erin Washington PC- C/ENS Ethan Vassey
 MPO - C/CPO Angelo Solomon MPO - C/CPO Coumba Thiam
 GUIDE - C/PO1 James Granger GUIDE- C/PO1 Caleb Walker 





Company Commander - C/LT Logan Mcdonald

Company Executive Officer - C/LTJG Marlena Harmon

Company Senior Chief - C/SCPO Tiana Champion

Company OPS: C/ENS 

Company PERSO: C/ENS

Company ADMIN: 

Company SUPPO: C/ENS Noelia Gomez-Romero

Company PAO:

 Bravo 1 Bravo 2 Bravo 3
 PC - C/ENS Kelly Knieting PC - C/ENS Zariana Buckman PC - C/ENS Tiona Champion

 MPO - C/CPO Asia Portis 

 MPO - C/CPO Dallas Paszkiewics MPO - C/CPO Hadiyea Dawkins
 Guide - C/PO3 Charles Caldwell Guide - C/PO3 Jayden Hills Guide - C/PO3 Emmanuel Ofarah








Company Commander - C/LT Jermal Torney

Company Executive Officer - C/ LTJG Jaeveon Safford

Company Senior Chief - C/ SCPO Jones

Company OPS: Angelique Saez

Company PERSO: Asia Samuel

Company ADMIN: 

 Company SUPPO: 

Company PAO: C/PO1 Ilex Bass


 Charlie 1 Charlie 2 
 PC - C/ENS Isaiah Peslak PC- C/ENS Chris Victor 
 MPO- C/CPO Jackson, G MPO- C/CPO  
 Guide- C/PO1 Jai'veon Safford Guide- C/PO1 Uzziah Walker 






Armed Basic Drill Team Commander -C/SCPO Titus McDonald                             Assistant Team Commander - C/

Armed Exhibition Team Commander - C/ENS Christian Aleman                                        Assistant Team Commander - C/ENS Dino Didovic

Unarmed Basic Drill Team Commander -  C/MCPO Rebecca Mangum                  Assistant Team Commander - C/

Unarmed Exhibition Team Commander - C/ENS Jantelle Coleman                         Assistant Team Commander - C/

Color Guard Team Commander - C/LT Enice Butler                               
Assistant Team Commander - C/

Athletic Team Commander -C/LTJG  Javosier Jones                                              Assistant Team Commander -C/LCDR Kristian Thomas

Rifle Team Commander - C/LT Tashauna Durant 

Asistant Team Commander- C/

Orienteering Team Commander - C/SCPO McDonald Logan                                               Assistant Orienteering Team Commander -             

Academic Team Commander - C/CDR Dorshai Bolatiwa                      
Assistant Team Commander - C/MCPO Rebecca Mangum




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