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Academic Team (Brain Brawl)

The Academic Team practices before and after school Tuesday and Thursday.   The Academic Team studies current events, drill, leadership maritime history, oceanography, astronomy, leadership, shipboard weapons and design from the Naval Science 1, 2 and 3 texts.

Coach: CDR Lee

Team Commanders:

Academic Team Commander- C/
Assistant Team Commander- C/

Air Rifle Team

The only shooting team in the school, the Terry Parker Rifle Team.  Teams compete shooting Standing, Prone and Kneeling.

Coach: Chief Tinney

Team Commander:
Rifile Team Commander - C/                      
Assisstant Team Commander- 

Color Guard

Practices every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the Drill Team.

The Color Guard Team has participated in numerous sporting events and community service functions, rendering honors for sporting venues, civic meetings, retirements, other patriotic themed events such as the Veteran's Day Parade and Drill Meets.

Coach: SgtMaj Gallman

Team Commanders:

Color Guard Team Commander - C/

Assistant Team Commander- C/

Drill Teams

The Drill Teams practice every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Armed Basic Drill Team:  The team uses the M1903 Springfield Rifle. 

The Armed Exhibition Drill Team: Practices on routines similar to those used by the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team. The Exhibition Team uses the M1903 Springfield Rifle. The team uses skillful movements that include spinning, tossing, and throwing the rifles.

Unarmed Basic Drill Team:  Practices and performs stationary and marching drill movements without rifles.

Unarmed Exhibition Drill Team:  Practices and performs stationary and marching drill movements without rifles through a routine designed by the team.

Coach: SgtMaj Gallman

Drone Team

The Drone teams flies multiple events doors and competes in Florida and Georgia.

Coach: CDR Lee

Drone Team Commander: C/

Orienteering Team

One of two athletic teams, the Orienteering Team participates in map reading and timed runs through designated checkpoints located throughout forest and fields in state and national parks.   The Orienteering Team uses compass bearings and terrain mapping to locate checkpoints.  The team practices weekly and has participated in the orienteering meets in Florida and Georgia. 

Coach: Chief Tinney

Team Commanders:

Orienteering Team Commander - C/

Assistant Team Commander- C/


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