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UNIT GOALS FOR 2018-2019

Unit Goals


Ø  1st place at the NS1 Meet

Ø  Top 2 at any drill competition

Ø  First/Second place for Color Guard, Unarmed Basic/Exhibition, Armed Basic/Exhibition,

Ø  First Place for PI

Ø  Be prepared for a drill meet 2 weeks ahead of time

Ø  Top 2 at Championships

Ø  Have a Company Comp.

Ø  Qualify for the National Academic, Athletic, and Drill Championship

Host 3 Drives

Ø  Food/Can Drive

Ø  Coin Drive

Ø  Toiletry Drive


Ø  Qualify for championships.

Ø  Have a higher attendance rate for practices.

Ø  Host a postal.


Ø  Host a postal.

Ø  Qualify for championships.


Ø  First Place overall for athletics at drill meets

Ø  85% percent passing on the PFT

Ø  Every other Friday designed for Pt

Ø  Successful Practices during the afternoon (90% not giving up)



Ø  Brain Brawl Championships with 2 teams

Ø  All Teams Place Top 50 on the NAE

Ø  % Teams on the NAE

Ø  Successful Morning Practices and After School Practices (90% of team shows up)

Ø  Place first and Second at NS1 and NS2 Brain Brawl

Ø  - Place 1st or 2nd in the Area 12 Brain Brawl Championship

Ø  - Qualify for the National Brain Brawl Championship


Ø  Have a unit clean up at the end of each month.

Ø  Comradery Night

o   Bowling/Skating

o   Tailgating

Ø  Trips


o   Halloween Horror Nights

o   Senior Trip

o   Ship Tour

o   Parris Island

o   Air Show

o   DC Trainer

Ø  College Tours

o   FSU/FAMU (2-day trip)

o   Savannah State

o   JU

Ø  After Action Reports (Have one for every event in full detail: how we planned, what went wrong, what went right)

Ø  OIC and AOIC in the pass down log


Ø   every cadet earns up 10 hours per semester


Ø  Meetings Every Tuesday and Friday

Ø  Senior Chief Meetings

Ø  Chief and Petty Officer Meeting once every month

Ø  Full Attendance

Staff/ Upperclassmen/Seniors

Ø  Everyone remains in their original positions

Ø  Always on time

Ø  Set a good example (Wearing Uniform Properly, Following Battalion- Wide Rules, Effective Communication, Training People Properly, Execute Plans Properly, etc.)

Ø  5 Seniors receive the ROTC Scholarship

Ø  All seniors should receive a scholarship of some sort

Ø  - All seniors must have a plan for their future

Ø  - All juniors signed up for the SAT/ACT online website

Ø  - Have all dues paid by the end of the 1st quarter

Ø  - All Team Commanders must have a set plan for every practice

- All Team Commanders must aim to achieve unit goals



Ø  Receive unit achievement

Ø  Have all of our platoons in competition at AMI instead of the usual 2-3.

Ø  Have our brief prepared a month ahead of time.